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About Us

BestHunted is a recruitment service that assist organizations to search for executives. We recognize the importance of getting the right people who are not only intelligent, but also have character that is compatible with the vision and values of the organization.  We look at human resources as the most important asset in achieving the goals of an organization.

Especially nowadays where there is 'talent war', one can feel the fierce competition to get the best people in their field. We are here and ready to help you to get the best talent.


BestHunted exists because we see a great need in the fulfillment of human resources. We have experience in recruitments and see an opportunity to link the needs of organization in seeking for suitable candidates with qualifications and values of the organization.

How we work

We observe and explore the basic needs of the client. In an effective way, we will seek candidates from the best source. Next, we will conduct initial screening to get the appropriate candidates that meet the needs of organization.


Being the best head hunter in Indonesia that makes dreams come true for both organizations and job seekers.


Providing the best candidates in the field.

Why use our services?

Get Right Candidates

Getting the right candidate is an advantage for the organization, because it can save on the budget and support the aim of the organization. We can help you get the right candidates through our substantial networks and databases.

Your Business is Important for Us

Searching on candidate requires effort and time and we recognize the importance of time for organizations, therefore we are here to help you. Your business must keep on and we will support you to find the right human resources.

Cost Efficient

We do the selection; you only need to invest in successfully placed candidates, with a one-time free replacement guarantee.